As we enter the next chapter of our story, we are honoured to give The Magistracy, one of the hundred declared monuments in Hong Kong, a new life after it has been dormant for over 40 years. As custodians of culture, this is an opportunity to do work that pays homage to a piece of the city’s history, connecting Hong Kong’s present and future to its past. A momentous step for our team, this will

be the first time that we take on a project of this magnitude.

Opening in three phases, this multi-storey venue will be home to many different stories, all shaped by a team of all-star hospitalitiers. Launching in mid-September, phase one will introduce the over-arching master concept: The Magistracy, Hong Kong’s historic judicial house reimagined through thoughtful hospitality stories. Once known as Hong Kong’s Supreme Court, in 1979, after over 100 years, The Central Magistracy was decommissioned and ceased its judiciary functions in 1984, thus ending its chapter in history. It lay dormant for the next 40-plus years, its hallways empty and standing as a silent reminder of the city’s past. Now, as a Hong Kong-born hospitality team, we are embracing the opportunity to transform the monument into a space whose foundation is a dedication to world-class storytelling and hospitality.

The Magistracy will become one of the city’s few restaurant heritage sites, with our first two openings, Magistracy Dining Room and Botanical Garden. Helmed by MICHELIN-starred Executive Chef Matthew Kirkley, Magistracy Dining Room is inspired by timeless London restaurants, bringing all the charm and quintessential savoir-faire of these iconic institutions to the heart of Hong Kong. In collaboration with world-renowned designer Joyce Wang of her eponymous Joyce Wang Studios, we have built a space rich in colours and textured accents. The classic dining room sits on the first floor of the historic building, where curved banquettes stretch across the restaurant floor in deep reds and blues paired with oversized, comfortable armchairs. Gracing the walls, custom tapestries hang on the intricate paneling, while hand-woven rugs provide a luxurious anchor to the space.

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